Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun

The tippmann x7 phenom Paintball gun is nothing short of awesome. I have used it in the woods at this point and it was unstoppable. Cannot wait to test it in field maneuvers!

The Phenom has some differences from the Marker. It is a lighter gun, overall shorter, but has a longer barrel. Also, the Phenom is electro-pneumatic; it uses a system that is open bolt blow forward with a spool valve. This eliminates the recoil that one experienced using the Marker and makes the Phenom superior right off the bat. Not having to adjust so much between shots means getting more shots off and kicking more butt!

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball GunThe hopper is ow profile and holds 200 paintballs. The Phenom has cyclone feed paddles that have been changed for the better; they do not break paintballs while firing! Again, this increases the amount of shots one can get off

The Phenom gives players a choice whether to use CO2, compressed air or nitrogen which is a nice feature to customize. Also, the Phenom is easier to adjust velocity on, one simply turns the adjuster up and down.

The Phenom features picantinny rails on the top and the bottom. Not only does this eliminate bulk from the sides, making it easier to hold, it also provides a place for accessories to store. Sling mounts, for example, connect without an issue.

Tippmann always includes every tool one might need to use or repair their gun. This includes quick-release tools. Also, the marker is easy maintenance since the back pops open for easy oiling after use.

This best marker 2016 is far superior to its predecessor, and is built to last a long time. I know I intend to make it my go to marker because it is so small and lightweight, but delivers a lot in such a small package.